Social innovation unconference


Cooperative Impact is a social innovation (un)conference that offers a space to create a new context for partners, facilitators, and participants to play in.

Cooperative Impact is in the Prethinc ecosystem.

Prethinc builds companies that serve human needs.

Prethinc is a transformation company. We work alongside individuals and organizations to develop human capital and disruptive technology that influences societal shifts and shapes the emerging future. We work with people doing extraordinary things for humanity. They’re the ones building institutions and movements. We challenge them, build their capabilities for ongoing transformation, and co-create the conditions to unleash the power of their ideas.

Imagine a world where humans experience the quality of life necessary to unlock the intrinsic motivation to transform their circumstances into meaningful opportunities. Where we wake up excited to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Where we intentionally cultivate superpowers like compassion, vulnerability, imagination, and empathy to generate a higher vibration for humanity, elevate the collective consciousness, instigate cultural evolution, and move the world forward.

This is the world we imagine.