The principles governing the way we participate in the free market (transactions, competition, ego, tribes, control of information flow, avoidance, etc) are ill-equipped to serve the evolving needs of humanity (climate, inequality, hunger, homelessness, etc).

The short-sighted, transactional focus of the old paradigm erodes the ability to criticize authority, inhibits empathetic understanding of the marginalized, and makes it difficult to comprehend solutions to complex global problems that likely require collaborative solutions. The old paradigm disconnects us from our humanity, and inherently neglects the long-term impact on human evolution.

What if there was another option?

As independent thinkers with our own point of view, we gravitate towards the principles of the new paradigm: love, relationships, cooperation, trust, purpose, compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, intuition, listening, questions, spirituality, personal development, etc.

Cooperative Impact offers a new approach that starts with a human discovering the intrinsic motivation to adopt her own purpose-driven operating principles, and, in doing so, models behavior that accurately reflects the culture she hopes to cultivate (conversations, questions, accountability, transparency, acknowledgement, emotion, ownership, vulnerability, trust).

Starting the journey from purpose means standing for something more. It means intrinsically growing a purpose-driven existence that provides value and builds trust. It’s a higher truth that brings inherent meaning and value. Its magnetic effect attracts and unifies a culture of authentic self-expression that celebrates the essence of each human being.

Then, a focus on strengthening social ties creates the conditions for values-driven alignment with unlikely peers and partners. This unlocks the opportunity to share ownership of co-created solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.